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Jade Plant Care

The Jade Plant (Lucky Plant) is one of the hardiest succulents around. This sun-loving plants (aim for 4 hours a day in a south or west window) isn't particularly fast growing.



It's important to keep the plant watered during the growing season (spring, summer) and drier during the dormant season (fall, winter). However, even during the growing season, the soil should be allowed to dry out fully between waterings, since jade plants are very susceptible to rot. How to know if you've overwatered? Your plant will show yellowing leaves, leaf drop, soft leaves and dry leaves. The soil (which should be fast draining) is most likely waterlogged and the roots will show signs of root rot.



Jade needs lots of light—at least 4 hours per day in a south-facing or west-facing window. Keep soil moist but not wet during the growing season (spring and summer) and let the soil dry out during the dormant season (fall and winter.)

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