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Rattlesnake Calathea Care

While Rattlesnake plants are fascinating, colorful and exotic, we like to tell our customers they can require a little more attention than they might be able to handle. They are particular about heat, light and moisture requirements, not just below the soil, but above it as well (humidity).


A dried out calathea can die and too little humidity (common in the winter) can cause the leaves to crisp, no matter how moist the soil is. Still interested? Here are some basic care tips if you're still willing and able:



Avoid commercial leaf cleaners which can case browning of the tips A basic damp cloth will do the trick to remove dust and debris. 


Calatheas need heat and light to survive and thrive. Filtered light is preferred. Select a window without intense afternoon sun. A bright spot in a well-lit room is also a great choice. 



Summertime is growth time! Water your calathea often to keep the soil moist. In winter, let  the top layer of soil to dry before watering again. (Do not waterlog your soil; your calathea will object and its leaves will turn yellow. Curled leaves are a sign of under watering.) 

calathea rattlesnake.jpeg
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