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Alocasia Polly

'Polly', sometimes commonly sold under the name of African mask plant or elephant's ear, is a compact hybrid that typically grows to 2' tall and as wide. Large dark green leaves not only feature dramatic silvery-green to white veins but also produce attractive shades of yellow and green when backlit by sun.

Water: This plant enjoys humidity. The soil should remain continuously moist throughout spring and summer. Reduce watering in winter, but do not allow plant to dry out... water approximately every two weeks. Mist often. 

Indoors the best place for your Alocasia is in a bright room a few feet away from the window. This will allow it to receive medium to bright, indirect sunlight. 

Too much direct light can make the colors fade. Harsh sun can wilt and burn the leaves. Make sure to protect your plant from the sun with something like a sheer curtain.


Occasionally wipe the leaves with a soft cloth to remove any dust. This will help your plant so it can soak up as much light as possible. 

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