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Recreational Pots and Plants®

A Cleveland houseplants, pots and  gift store

Looking for easy-to-grow houseplants and tropicals in chic, urban pots? Recreational Pots and Plants® offers a broad selection of easy-to-grow houseplants and tropicals and beautiful pots to put them in. Come in and browse! We have two floors of products and in the summer we open the alleyway. One of Cleveland's most unique retail stores. 

We have hundreds of houseplants--from tropicals and succulents, to easy-to-care-for houseplants. And you'll love our selection of pots, from the whimsical  to  beautiful glazed pots.  Questions? Contact us at


Thai Constellations Monstera  in 14" pots

These rare philodendrons prefer bright indirect light and watering every 9 days. DEAL!! $499. (Find online at $900.) 

Our Thai Constellations come from certified nurseries

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Our inventory is constantly
changing. Looking for a specific
plant? Email

 More than 80 varieties of plants in stock. 

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